"Jeanne has always provided us with incredible, loving service!" We strive to provide the kind of service that leaves you thrilled, happy, overly satisfied and
Service Overview

Service Overview

We serve all of Western Loudoun County! Our complete menu of professional pet services has been created to best serve our community. We are available most anytime
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Let's Get Started

"Ready When You Are!" Our goal is to make you feel 100% comfortable in us.  We work hard to gain your trust, security and business. We hope

27 years Loudoun County’s oldest pet sitting services

Alt image showing how, after 27 years Loudoun County's oldest pet sitting service, has fun with three dogs Abby, Jackson and Olive playing Tug O' War with a big stick


 Creature Comforts Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service of Loudoun County

Where love is part of the service!

 27 years Loudoun County’s oldest pet sitting service






Welcome to Creature Comforts Petsitting Service – the oldest and most trusted petcare business in Loudoun County. We are a small family owned company, in business here in Loudoun County for 27 years. Our 27 years of real world, on-the-job experience are your guarantee that you won’t find a more competent, seasoned, or mature staff of professional pet sitters anywhere else than we are at Creature Comforts.
These many years of hands-on industrious real-world experience have cultivated us into the mature, seasoned, unflappable professionals you demand for handling the responsibility of caring for your pets and your home during your absence.

There are few unusual problems, odd incidents nor outright hilarious occurrences that we have not come across and competently handled over the years of our adventures in pet sitting!
With this in mind, we hope you will feel comfortable and confident enough with us to allow us the honor of caring for your pets and home while you’re away. 

After 27 years of providing quality petcare for our friends and neighbors here in Loudoun County, “Creature Comforts” has become synonymous with trust, excellence, and reliability.  

Your treasured pets and your valuable house key will NEVER be handed over to just “one of the staff” here. Heather and I will be the only ones who will ever be entrusted to enter your home! Before we get started with the care of your pets, Heather or I will make a visit to your house to meet you and your animals, so we can all get to know each other and be completely comfortable and happy in one another’s company  

You can comfortably and confidently hire us, knowing we will expertly care for your pets and home while you’re away. After 27 years in business, we are Loudoun County’s oldest pet sitting service. You can therefore rest assured that your 
pet, whether large or small, exotic or ordinary, dog, cat, cow or canary, will always have a beloved, consistent, and familiar friend/pet sitter to care for them when you are away. 

When you can’t be the one to greet them at the door, let me or Heather be one of the only other familiar and smiling faces to be there for them.

The ones who they will come to recognize, trust and love as that special friend who comes to play when you, their BEST friend, can’t be there.



Putting your dog in a boarding kennel is always an emotionally stressful situation for both dog and owner! Why risk the possibility of your dog contracting a contagious illness, such as Kennel Cough, some other kennel-borne illness, or even becoming infested with fleas? Instead, allow your dog to remain in the comfort of her own home, having all the personalized attention, socialization and loving care that she is used to when she is home with you.

Your buddy will be most comfortable with his usual food and exercise routine and all the familiar comforts of his own familiar surroundings. All gently and expertly overseen by either Heather or me, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, who, for the last 27 years, has been the heart and soul of Loudoun County’s oldest pet sitting service, Creature Comforts.  


As you well know, cats are creatures of habit. As such, cats are even less suited than are dogs for a frightening kennel experience, as many cats are shy and reclusive by nature.  Cats are much happier being kept in their own familiar and comfortable home, where the sights, sounds, smells and love of home are all around him.

With my In-Home Cat Sitting Service, your kitty will always be in his own familiar surrounding, eating his own usual diet and treats, using his own litter-box, and sleeping on that soft cushion on his own window sill where he watches the wild birds and squirrels playing in his own front yard. All visits are lovingly overseen by either Heather or me.

The equation is simple:

OUR Gentle, loving expertise plus OUR affectionate and knowledgable care, equals YOU coming home to YOUR happy and healthy pets.   


Finding a knowledgable and experienced pet sitter to care for exotics and small caged animals can be a tricky situation. Not all pet sitting services have staff who are familiar with, or even willing to deal with, many types of exotic animals.  After 27 years of being Loudoun County’s oldest pet sitting service, we know that boarding exotics and other caged animals is not recommended as the stress and risks of exposure to contagious illness is magnified for these types of pets. These special kinds of pets are much safer and happier in the routine surroundings of home, where sights, sounds and smells are familiar.

With Creature Comforts’ 27 years experience as Loudoun County’s oldest pet sitting service, we have cared for snakes, iguanas, Ginkos, Tarantulas, African Tree Frogs, Marine and fresh water aquariums, parrots, (I, myself own Galena, an African Grey Parrot), ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, the list goes on and on.

With our In-Home Care for Exotics and Caged Pets, you can count on us to handle any and all aspects of care for your unusual pet.  We am knowledgable in the care, husbandry and feeding of most exotics. From feeding “Pinkies” with a pair of hemostats to your snakes and frogs, to hand- feeding crickets to your  frogs and lizards, if we haven’t already done it before, we’re  more than willing to learn it now. So you can always feel confident and secure when you choose us to care for your unusual pet, because we are the most competent and willing Exotics Care-Provider in the area.


We have relieved many a frazzled barn manager, giving them a much needed break from the 24/7 stress of caring for a barn full of horses. Heather and I have owned and ridden horses all our lives and are well qualified in all aspects of equine care. My experience working at the Marion DuPont Scott Equine Center has given me the practiced eye to recognize the many ailments and injuries that often befall our equine friends. After 27 years as Loudoun County’s oldest pet sitting service, Heather and I are old hands at treating abscesses, bandaging legs, oral medicating and injections. We’re  good with a brush and hoof-pick and no one can clean and bed a stall better than we can!

From cleaning litter boxes, to administering sub-q fluids to rabbits, to feeding “pinkies” to an African Tree Frog with a pair of tweezers, you can count on me to have the experience to get the job done, no matter how mundane or weird. After 27 years of being Loudoun County’s oldest and best pet sitting service, if we haven’t already seen it or done it before, I can assure you that we are anxious to see it and learn how to do it now!

Call me or text me at 540-454-2651

or email me at letthosedogsout@gmail.com

You Need Me? I am Here.