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by JoAnn Guay on Creature Comforts VA
Having a Veterinary Technician is an important PLUS

I have relied on Jeanne to take care of my elderly cat for several years now. She is great with my cat. She gives her medication, cleans out the litter box, lets her out on the screened in porch while she is there to give her some sunshine. My kitty is 18 years old and has diabetes. I don't have to worry about her when we go away, I know she is in good hands. She even brings in the mail everyday!!

by Ann Harvey on Creature Comforts VA
Our only petsitter for 12 years

Anne H.Anne H.October 7, 2016Jeanne has been watching our pets for over 12 years. She is prompt and respectful in her dealings with our pets. It has been nice to know that when we go on vacation our pets are in good hands as well as are able to be cared for in our home rather than have to board them. We have never had any problems what so ever so I would highly recommend Jeanne to anyone looking for great pet care.

by Kelly Berry on Creature Comforts VA
Highly recommend Jeanne

We had a last minute opportunity to take a trip out of town. We had no kennel reservation which led to a frantic search for someone to take care of our dog. I was hesitant to try anyone, never having used a dog sitter before.I found Jeanne online, liked that she had so much experience and, of course, her positive feedback helped reassure me.While we were gone, Jeanne stayed in touch via texts to let us know how our dog was doing. She included a few pictures of a very happy dog.Jeanne not only took great care of our pooch, but cleaned up after him. He isn't the neatest eater.She also picked up the mail, brought up the trash can and checked the water hose after a frantic text from me.Couldn't remember if I turned off the water to the hose before leaving.Our dog is older now and when he can't go with us on trips, we call Jeanne. She does more than just stop in to feed and let out. She takes the time for play and to even brush this brute. No small feat since he's over a hundred pounds.If you are looking for a dog sitter and are considering Jeanne, have no reservations. She is a very professional and caring person who can be trusted to take great care of your four legged family member!

by Diane Flanagan on Creature Comforts VA
Best petsitter for nervous pet parents

I am one of those pet parents who worries about leaving my dogs. I very rarely take vacation because of this. However, this past summer, a family vacation was planned. After looking for a pet sitter all summer and batting zero, I finally found Jeanne. She took the time to get to know my dogs by stopping by once a week for a month, so they could get used to her. By the time it was time for my trip, they were happy to see her. I felt very comfortable leaving them with her. She stayed overnight for 5 nights and one of my dogs didn't want to eat, so she enticed him with yummy food. She kept in touch daily to let me know how they were doing. When I got home, my house was spotless. A pleasant surprise. I highly recommend Jeanne to care for your animals.