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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in Loudoun County

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Pet sitting and Dog walking Service in

Loudoun County :

I offer a top of the line in home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in Loudoun, with lots of playtime and exercise, feeding, poop scoop, litter box change, cuddling, pampering, lots of love! Also as needed Administration of Medication, Injections and/or Subcutaneous Fluids Administration, always performed by a Licensed Veterinary Technician

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Mid Day Dog Walks

Regular mid day dog walks and exercise visits at your home occur Mon-Fri between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. This daily service is for pet parents who are away long hours everyday and can’t make it back home at midday to walk the dog. You can choose between 1/2 hour visits ($21), 15 minute visits ($18).

Whichever mid day service you choose, you can always be assured that I will be the only person Coming into your home. What other Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in Loudoun can make that offer?

Except for the rare occasions where I am sick, or out of town,(in which case my daughter Virginia, who is also a Licensed Veterinary Technican, will be my substitute), no one else will ever have The key to your home.


Field Trips and “Car Ride-Alongs”

What dog doesn’t love to go for a car ride? Here at Creature Comforts, I am like no other Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in Loudoun! Because every day, Mon-Fri, I will come pick up your dog in the morning and have her ride along with me for the day!

Your dog can get out and play with lots of other friendly dogs in a safe outdoor environment as I make my daily rounds, having a grand time all day! We visit local farms and walking trails, often go swimming during the summer, play in the snow in the winter, and run around in fields and pastures throughout the day.

This service is $25 per day, and is a favorite part of life for the dogs lucky enough to particiapte in this awesome activity!


Vacation visits for house pets

Call me whenever you must go out of town for a business trip, a vacation or for any unexpected reason that suddenly arrises. You can rely on and trust me to be the one to step in and take over the loving, caring and feeding of your pets until you return home.

I will make anywhere from one all the way up to five visits each day to your home to love, hug, play, feed, care for and walk  your animal friends depending on your pets individual needs. Cats, rabbits, ferrets, Guinea pigs and other small furry animals, or birds, reptiles and most exotics usually do well with one or two visits per day, while dogs require between two to five visits per day.

Pet sitting visits to your home to care for your house pets are 1/2 hour in duration and are $21 per visit.

No one loves animals from the heart more than me, so be assured that your pets will be well loved and cared for in your absence. 

Creature Comforts offers more than any other Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in Loudoun, because your pet will receive that professional quality of care and that experienced touch that only a Licensed Veterinary Technician can provide.

In the twenty six years that I’ve been in this business, there are few unexpected, if not downright hilarious, situations that I have not had occasion to wrangle with over the years! If the unexpected happens, you can be assured that I can calmly and competently tend to any unforeseen emergencies that might arise when folks are out of town. I am not easily intimidated or stymied, and although the majority of the time all goes well when your pets are “home alone”,  if the unexpected ever does happen, you can be assured that I am mature, experienced, and well-seasoned enough to handle the unexpected with calm competence and level headed professionalism. My top priority is the safety and wellbeing of your beloved pets and home and the determination to ensure that they will always be safe, snug and happy.


Special Care and Miscellaneous Services

Choose this option if you need services such as nursing care, sub Q fluid administration, injections, administration of oral medications, litter box cleaning for expecting mothers, etc.
Please inquire about other services you may need, as I am happy to take on many tasks that are not listed here. Miscellaneous service visits are $21 in most instances. Price may vary depending on the service requirements.

Vacation Care for Horses and other livestock 

I provide all aspects of care for Equines, Bovines, Ovines, Porcines, Aplacas, Llamas, etc.

It can be as simple as stopping by once a day to your farm to fill the water trough and throw hay in the field, or as unusual as milking your goat or cow.  I will come to your barn or stables once, twice or three times a day for morning and evening turn-in and turn-out, feeding, mucking stalls, blanketing, fly masks and flyspray, etc. are $25 per visit.

I can offer so much more than any other Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in Loudoun. Because I am a licensed veterinary technician with previous work experience at the prestigious Virginia Tech’s Marion DuPont Scott Equine Center, you can be certain that I have the knowledge and expertise to recognize and address problems, illness and injuries and take the appropriate action quickly and efficiently.

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